DIY SEO Courses Review

DIY SEO Courses is an online platform that offers a series of courses on SEO that anyone can benefit from. SEO online courses are regularly taken by a range of people from marketing executives to independent business owners learning how to leverage the Internet for their services. DIY SEO Courses delivers its material in a format that is easy to understand for all professionals looking to enhance their services. This is our DIY SEO Courses review.

DIY SEO Services makes sure its teachings are in line with industry-specific information to contribute to your success. Upon completion of the courses DIY SEO Services provides, you will be able to improve your online presence (or create one) and increase your business through the effective use of SEO concepts. DIY SEO Services exists to demystify SEO and simplify it for computer users of all levels and backgrounds.



True to its namesake, DIY SEO Courses offers detailed SEO training courses which are up-to-date with current industry standards. Their courses are extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. For those that prefer to learn off of the computer, they also provide printable handouts that you can study from and refer to instead of constantly checking back on your screen.

Along with helping you in learning SEO basics, DIY SEO Courses also offers a specialized Google Analytics course within its modules. Despite how technical SEO can be, DIY SEO Courses are tailored to meet the needs of individuals with little or no prior experience in using Internet resources to enhance their business.

On top of all of those benefits, DIY SEO Courses also provides lifetime membership upon course registration at no additional cost. With your lifetime access, you can complete the course at your own pace and refer back to it as you need.

DIY SEO Courses Review



All classes on DIY SEO Courses are constantly updated and refreshed to meet the constantly changing industry standards. This directly benefits all students as they are all provided with lifetime memberships upon registration; anytime anything in SEO is updated, chances are more than likely that the courses will be updated to further educate you as well!


To meet the needs of all learners, DIY SEO Courses provides all students with printable handouts that are connected with the concepts it teaches. Most SEO course providers do not take the extra step to create additional learning material for their students.


Directly upon registering for courses, students are provided with a lifetime membership with no additional fees. Not too many web-based educators provide this service and, if they do, their courses are not updated continuously to meet industry-based standards.


DIY SEO Courses has helped individuals with a variety of skill sets in equally varying fields enhance their knowledge and increase their business as proven by numerous testimonials people have given without being solicited to do so!


How DIY SEO Courses Can Further Enhance its Services

As with most online training modules, the SEO classes that DIY SEO Courses have are not monitored by a teacher. As there is no assigned teacher present at certain times to personally assist you on your learning journey, you cannot discuss your findings or directly ask questions. Currently, you have to contact the DIY SEO Courses team during their business hours to have your inquiries answered. Despite that, the DIY SEO Courses team has a reasonable operating time and gets back to students right away!

Because there is no teacher, there are also no discussion boards to connect and learn with fellow students. However, with the added skill of SEO in your tool belt, you will quickly be able to increase your connections exponentially through promoting your business effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment does DIY SEO Courses accept?

DIY SEO Courses accepts PayPal and credit cards from all major banks worldwide.

Does DIY SEO Courses provide more SEO services?

Yes. DIY SEO Courses is a part of Web Savvy Marketing which offers hourly one-on-one SEO consulting and coaching along with SEO services tailored to specific projects.

DIY SEO Courses Review

How Can DIY SEO Courses Help You?

DIY SEO Courses is an online SEO course provider that comes from humble beginnings. Year after year of being in service, people continually see its value and promote it through testimonials, corporate course memberships, and word of mouth. DIY SEO Courses offers SEO skill-building courses that meet the needs of web experts and people new to using the Internet as a business tool alike.

DIY SEO Courses offers a lifetime subscription to its courses to all students upon course registration for no cost. They value your education and updates it courses regularly to meet changing industry standards as well. DIY SEO Courses do not have teachers assigned to its students.  Instead, they have a team of dedicated staff that is just as effective in answering queries and responding to comments.

Many service providers offer SEO courses online, but none are as dedicated to educating and empowering you to give your business a strong online presence as we have described in this DIY SEO Courses review.

No other SEO online course provider looks after the interest of business owners as DIY SEO Courses does. Support yourself and your business by giving DIY SEO Courses a chance.

Click here to sign up for this amazing course.

DIY SEO Courses Review


RankPay Review

RankPay Review – Does Performance Based SEO Really Work?

RankPay reviewRankPay is a search engine ranking service that invented performance based SEO. RankPay offers SEO services for small businesses. They continually offer innovative services for their clients. Their specialties include page rankings, social media marketing and management, and SEO-tuned blog posts. This is our RankPay review.

RankPay ensures that your business gets the attention it deserves. They attract clients through the use of keywords that they look for when searching for businesses with your skills. RankPay hones its material to promote your business on all major search engines including Google.

With RankPay, users can begin to see results on an average of 45 days. With other agencies, it takes up to 6 months to a year. RankPay succeeds in eliminating excessive costs while providing results. Users do not pay until they see results. You can log in to your RankPay profile at any time to see how much traffic is being generated on your website.

RankPay empowers you to decide what you need and when you need it. RankPay works with you to customize your commerce website or blog to increase your clientele. They work in tandem with your success. RankPay only succeeds when your business flourishes through increased traffic!

A Detailed Breakdown of the Services RankPay Has to Offer


RankPay provides no-risk page ranking services. You are completely protected from any damage as you do not pay a single cent until your page begins to get hits. SEO page ranking does take a bit of time — approximately 45 days on average with the help of the experts from RankPay — so you will not be paying for any empty time in between your hits.

Signing up for RankPay is absolutely free as well. RankPay uses a very simple contract,  if you are not seeing results, you do not pay. You do need to commit to a 6 month term (to allow for the work that has been done to reflect in the search engine rankings). There is also a no-fee 7 day cancellation clause if you happen to change you mind after singing up.

RankPay also offers free on-page optimization. Free on-page optimization refers to a method of running spider tools through your webpages to see which words register through search engine filters as SEO-friendly terms. In other words, on-page optimization helps you see which keywords clients use to search businesses in your field.

As though RankPay does not offer enough to help your business out, they also provide weekly ranking reports. With ranking reports, you can see how well your website is appearing on the top pages of search engines.


RankPay offers high quality blog posts written by writers in the United States. Their posts will be tailored to and customized for your blog with SEO terms to increase blog viewings. An Account Manager is assigned to every blog package purchased from RankPay. The Account Manager will communicate with you and the writers of your blog to ensure they convey the message you have in mind.

There are three packages to choose from depending on your needs: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Standard Package offers two original 400-word posts per month that have no long-term contracts.

The Pro Package provides businesses with four 600-word posts per month without any long term contracts along with more bonuses!

The bonus features include:

  • Social Media Promotion — your blog is showcased and spread across social media to attract even more clients
  • Extended RSS Distribution — followers are encouraged to post updates and posts relevant to your products/services on their own profiles
  • Tailored Calls-to-Action — the writers of RankPay promote the products and services you specifically want to have promoted
  • WordPress Maintenance — the technicians of RankPay set up your WordPress and ensure it is safe from glitches, malware, and is user-friendly

The Enterprise Package enables writers to create four 800-word posts per month without any long term contracts.

It includes everything the Standard and Pro Packages have along with even more services which include:

Press Release Distribution — a press release distributed via Google News is published and mentions all businesses covered under the Pro Package every quarter

Unique Social Distribution — every blog post published by RankPay will get promoted through their exclusive network of reputable bloggers and influencers

Content Syndication — every published post gets released to different sites to enlarge your following, increase your backlinks, and be seen by more audiences

Social Media Sharing — each published post automatically gets shared on your company's social media account


RankPay's social media marketing services consist of campaigns that they maintain for you for as long as you would like for reasonable monthly fees. As with their other services, they are also free of any long term contracts. They are just as detailed as their blog management services. Their services include relevant posts that are within your SEO framework and regular interaction with your followers through likes, comments, reblogs, etc.


rankpay review


Why Choose RankPay?

A List of Positive Points That Makes RankPay Different from Other SEO Services

NO long term CONTRACtS

With RankPay, you can use their services for as long or as short as you would like without having to worry about the additional costs or the restrictions of a long term contract.


RankPay is the only performance for pay SEO provider that posts weekly ranking reports for its clients. Weekly ranking reports help you see where you are in terms of your ranks and where you would like RankPay to improve. With the reports in hand, you can easily communicate your additional needs to RankPay at any time.


RankPay curates talented writers from across the United States for your blog which guarantees clear use of language and an understanding of your audiences.


All of the social media management packages purchased from RankPay entitles you to targeted social media promotions. RankPay works on increasing your online presence and reaching to wider audiences to effectively increase your profits.

Nobody's Perfect — Negative Points Regarding RankPay

RankPay's efficacy in helping your business succeed largely depends on you. If you do not provide RankPay with your requirements, it will take their team longer to optimize your webpages. You know your business better than anyone else. RankPay's efforts can only contribute to your prosperity if they are knowledgeable in the products and services you are trying to sell. That can be possible by communicating with them through signing up and continually communicating with them.

RankPay also only works with United States-based search engines. This means that their team does not optimize your webpages for international search engines for additional exposure. However as pages increase their ranking and become more popular amongst users, they are posted on social media and spread across the world.

rankpay review

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive specialized service for Google rankings?

No. RankPay's SEO programs are built to work for both Google and Yahoo!/Bing. Most clients find Yahoo!/Bing to be highly valuable in increasing their sales as they both provide 25-30% of search traffic.

Is RankPay cheaper to use than other SEO companies?

RankPay, according to customer feedback, is somewhere in between other companies. It is not the most expensive agency to use nor is it the cheapest. However, customers do find value in RankPay's efficacy in helping them gain traffic.

Can I select where I want to be ranked?

No SEO company can aid you in choosing where to rank on any search engine's page and that includes RankPay. However, RankPay only selects keywords that will score the highest possible ranking on Google and Yahoo!/Bing.

rankpay review

What Should You Take From This Review?

RankPay is the first SEO company of its type in the market. It offers SEO services with no long term commitments or loopholes of any sort. RankPay does not take any payment from you until your business begins attracting more traffic from search engines. They employ skilled writers based in the United States to promote your services and products using concise posts dense with keywords. They create 100% original content for your blogs.

RankPay only operates for search engines in America, but you can easily counteract that through their social media management services. They have their own circle of bloggers and influencers which can also be called upon to promote your webpages. RankPay also provides weekly ranking reports that can help you track your success and communicate your needs more clearly to their team of skilled marketers.

Though the market today is saturated with SEO service providers, choosing to work with RankPay will truly prove to be an investment due to their commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency.